Sunday, September 13, 2009


I hope that everyone had a great start to the school year...can you believe that we are 3 school days down, 177 to go? Tomorrow, most of us teachers will be getting back to reality and start assigning the "real" work and beging teaching the curriculum. So, hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be a wild ride!

I've been talking in class about the fundraiser that I will be kicking off on Monday - Shelly's Textbook Covering Service. Signs are posted throughout the school, emails have been made to the HMS faculty, and I've been talking your ears off about it. For the measly price of $1, I will gladly cover your textbook with a paper grocery bag (generously donated by Pathmark in Hackensack). Your textbooks need to remain covered throughout the year in an effort to preserve their condition for years to come, so why not have me do it for you?

If you'd like for me to cover your textbook for $1, please:
  1. Purchase a ticket during the day in room 241A(before/during homeroom, during 5th period, in the hallway between classes).
  2. After PM homeroom, come to room 241A with the textbook that needs covering. I will only take the tickets that were previously purchased and will not accept money afterschool.
  3. Leave with an amazingly covered textbook!
You may be asking "What is Ms. Tiboldo raising money for?". Excellent question, and you should always ask that when someone says that they need money for a fundraiser. Currently, Shelly and her brother Isador reside in separate plastic containers with their water filters, basking platforms, basking lamps, and heater (in winter). Isador is doing fine in the tank so far (but he is growing - lost 12 plates over the summer), but Shelly has outgrown the "tank" tremendously and needs more space to move around. I am raising money to purchase a tank large enough to house both turtles together (they should be able to play with one another) and move around comfortably. I'm thinking that a 125 gallon tank would be suitable. The tank itself costs a couple hundred dollars, and I would need higher capacity filters and heaters for the larger tank. Pretty costly. I'm hoping to raise enough money to cover at least the majority of this expense.

This fundraiser will be ongoing throughout the year - if, at any time, your textbook cover comes off, come right on over to Room 241A afterschool with $1, and I'll recover your book for ya!

Thank you in advance for your support......I thank you, and Shelly and Isador definitely thank you. Oh, and a special shout out from Lox (the last remaining fish). He says "What's up?".

Below is a great youtube video on how I would love for Shelly and Isador's tank to look...wishful thinking!

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I like turtles.